Select a patient (i.e. case)

You can either choose a patient by their case id or by the patient's name.

The status "filtered" may appear between the case id data field and the patient list while you are searching for your patient in the patient list (the drop-down box displaying the patient's last name, first name, city, etc.).

To deactivate the filter press the button "Remove filter" at the right side of the screen in the box dedicated to the "extended search".

The button "Remove filter" is extremely important:

If the message "filtered" appears below the top data field displaying the case number, you must press "remove filter" to deactivate the respective filter and enable the display of all patients in the patient list and all cases (case numbers) in the list of case numbers. Otherwise you only be able to see the set of patients and case numbers allowed by the filtering criterion.

Consequently, the data field for the case number will appear blocked, and will not work as it should.