Telemetry dialogue for IT support

Benchmark tests for diagnosing PC performance and database access. The telemetry data obtained can be saved as a CSV file (text file) for further analysis and serve to optimise the configuration of the WinAlldat Net software, especially in network operation.

The following CSV export file can be created by pressing the Ceate Protocol button.

Telemetry log file as short test (by pressing the function key F7 during the run)

Telemetry IVDKPC01-RA 2019-04-29 14:52

Database System: SQL Server

Version: Microsoft SQL Server 2014 (SP3) (KB4022619) - 12.0.6024.0 (Intel X86) 

Developer Edition on Windows NT 6.3 <X64> (Build 17763: ) (WOW64)

Local database: yes - Current bandwidth network card: 1 GB


Open and close database;done;3.48

Database access to non-existing table;done;4,44

Database access block 1 with substances and names;ready;7,68

Database access proximity search substance names chlorine;ready;14,47

Create database test table;ready;8

Add test table record;ready;5,03

Update test table records;ready;5,09

Update test table records with condition;ready;4,15

Add test table record blocks;ready;9,34

Test table add record blocks (transaction);ready;10,64

Delete test table records;ready;9

Remove database test table;ready;6