WinAlldat Net ESSCA installation and configuration

IT Support and technical support

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WinAlldat Net Setup and Update Programme

With the ESSCA update programme "esscasetupnet.exe" you copy all necessary WinAlldatNet files to your desktop PC and set up menu entries or start icons in the start bar to be able to call up the ESSCA programmes. Must be executed in the context of an admin! - Setup, admin rights required, repair installation - Setup instructions as PDF - Maintenance update, no admin rights necessary

In the event of software faults, ESSCA Support offers remote maintenance via Teamviewer. In the meantime, this has proved to be a proven instrument for the quick solution of installation problems, especially in the case of complex network installations (client / server installations). 

First WinAlldat Net program start

The previous password file winalldat.pwd is replaced by the new XML version WinAlldat Netpwd.ini. For encryption reasons, no settings are taken from winalldat.pwd. The programme creates the WinAlldat Net Admin account "chef" and the standard user "allergy", each with the password "ivdk". The creation of a new user (only WinAlldat Net Admin Account "chef" ) or the change of the password can be found (as before) under Utilities=>Access Authorisation.

The WinAlldat Net Software Videotutorialhttps:// Net_options.mp4 explains how to set up headers, keyboard settings, table colours and other options such as settings for data export and data transfer.

Winalldat Net command line parameter (parameter prefix - oder /)




Synopsis of parameters


Activation of the Jet OLE DB driver


Use SQLite DB interface


Use SQL Server DB interface


IP-Adresse oder DNS Name des SQL Servers


Activate ESSCA Variante (EU) 


Error log file


Use user login as DB login 


Direct start of  the WinAlldat Net Reporting subsystem


Check for update [file path intranet update]


Available DB updates are executed via SQL (force)


drive:][\backupdirectory] creates database backup


Optional password for database backup with -dbbackup


SQL-Server: common directory for winalldatnetpwd.ini


-localimporttexportadmin: e.g. migration from Access to SQL-Server


Use local SQLite report database instead of SQL-Server


Activate third gender (i=intersex/d=diverse)


Use 64bit programme version (e.g. with MS Office 64bit)


Write system information directly into text file