The structure of the WinAlldat Net ESSCA software is closely modelled on the workflow of an allergy department

Synopsis  WinAlldat NET Programm - WinAlldatNet.exe (32bit) - WinAlldatNet64.exe (64 bit)

Patient data management like address, D.O.B. etc.

Examination and case data - ESSCA Anamnesis sheet 1

Final diagnosis and findings documentation - ESSCA Anamnesis sheet 2

Administration of test series with material or substances patient brought in

Administration i.e. editing of clinic-specific test series

Recording pf patch test reactions (i.e. readings)

Documentation of the clinical relevance of positive reactions

Printout and export (PDF, XML, HTML) of test results and findings

Flexible anamnesis extension through self-defined additional questions

Administration functions such as deleting a case, deactivating test series

Data backup - backup and encryption of the entire database

Search and filter test substances (e.g. to exclude duplicate test substances)

Pseudonymised data transfer as an AES encrypted ZIP archive file to ESSCA-DC

Function to create and export test series forms 

Quality control of anamnesis data - check of date data and other important data items

Reporting module to create filtered lists incl. PDF and Excel export (under development)

Regular maintenance updates like database & program updates and technical support