Clinical relevance

After completion of the patch test procedure, the final diagnoses and other important information are documented. This includes a statement on the clinical relevance of every positive (allergic) reaction.

Statements on the clinical relevance contain important information and are an essential aspect of a qualified diagnostic work-up.

In addition to the required common temporal classifications, i.e. current and past, additional dimensions regarding occupational relevancy and the degree of certainty of the statement can be optionally recorded and are highly recommended.

The required "must" section offers statements for:

o"current relevance",

o"past relevance",

o"unknown relevance",

o"cross reaction",

oand "active sensitisation"

The optional categorization of "occupational" vs. "non-occupational" is strongly encouraged.

It is also possible to select the degree of certainty of the relevance statement from the third level of the selection tree.
This optional tree level includes the categories:

o"certain"(100% certain),

o"probable"(more than 50% certain),

o"possible"(less than 50% certain),

oand "unlikely, not"

This explorer style selection tree allows you to record the clinical relevance without having to type.